The best of #InspirApril… so far!


InspirApril HelenThornber Instagram Challenge April 2015

Part three of #InspirApril saw us pass the halfway mark of the challenge and I’m loving it! It’s so interesting to see all the different takes on the different prompts & inspiring to read why the images mean so much to you.

We’ve also well and truly passed 1000 posts, which seems crazy! Back when we started #InspirApril we thought it would just be the five of us… I love that thanks to everyone else taking part we’re all getting to discover so many more amazing people!

My six prompts (@helenthornber) were inspired by the work I do with people who are building their own businesses, those who are determined to make a difference while creating the freedom they desire in their own lives.

I said there might be a surprise for you #InspirApril-ers… Keep reading at the end for a free mini ‘Ultimate Goal’ self-coaching session to take action towards your ultimate goal & a chance to WIN a 90-minute coaching session with me!

Without further ado here’s a round up of my favourites from the past six days…

(Catch up on Part 1 with Cassy Fry & Part 2 with Nikki Loy)

Day 13 – Dream Big 

InspirApril Day 13 Dream Big Instagram Challenge April 2015

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It’s my wedding day… And I won’t be hiding from the camera!


It’s six months since I stared this blog and today is the day I say “I do”…

One of the reasons I decided to focus on happiness was to learn to like, maybe even love, myself. For a start, stop hiding from the camera. There are hardly any photos of me from the past few years because I’ve hated looking at myself for so long. Today we have the most fabulous wedding photographer with us, Mister Phill. I knew I didn’t want to look back on our day and see all my lumps, bumps and imperfections while wishing I was a size or two smaller. I wanted to be in the moment on the day, and in months and years to come look back on our wedding photos to see the joy, love and excitement!

I’d tried dieting, and although I shifted over three stone (and kept most it off), I hid from the camera even more. Losing the weight made me even more aware of what I still wasn’t happy with and onto the dangerous train of thought that the only way to make myself happy was to keep trying to lose weight. Towards the end of 2014 I realised I’d spent most of the year trying to lose weight yet I was no lighter, and I was most definitely no happier in myself. So last October I decided to quit the diet, quit the self-loathing and learn to love myself just as I am.

Has it worked?!

Hell yes!

It’s not been easy, and it’s not like life is magically perfect now. I most definitely still have my moments. But the difference between now and six months ago is phenomenal!

Helen Dec 2014 - March 2015

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Join us for some #InspirApril


The wonderful women that brought you 10 things I’m afraid to tell you have spent the past month inspiring, supporting and celebrating each other… it’s been so amazing that in April we want to share the love and get you involved too!

#InspirApril is here to help you be inspired by the world around you, other people and most importantly be inspired by your fabulous self and the things you’re doing every day to help you move towards your dreams! To get involved all you need to do is…

  1. Follow the five of us on Instagram @cassyfry / @helenthornber / @amylovesblog / @jenniferhamley / @nikkiloymusic
  2. Save and share the image below on Instagram
  3. From the 1-30 April 2015 get involved by tagging your image each day with #InspirApril (and you can tag the five of us too to make sure we definitely see it!)

To get the most out of the challenge scroll down to see what the prompts mean to us and how they can inspire you too!

We’ll keep an eye on the hashtag all month long, we’ll each be blogging about our favourite moments throughout the month and there might even be a few surprises for our favourites along the way…

#InspirApril Instagram Insta Challenge April 2015

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Woohoo! A change for the better… now can I have a nap?


The past three months have been a whirlwind of discoveries, new perspectives and lots of changes in the way that I approach life. All of these changes are for the better. In fact they are bloody fantastic!

I’ve had ways of thinking for an entire lifetime that have stopped me from doing things. My old ways of thinking caused me to get in my own way and trip myself up. It made me lose focus and head in a completely different direction to where I wanted to go. There have been far too many moments when I have lacked any confidence and been really horrible to myself.

So being able to change those thoughts is pretty damn awesome.

It’s also pretty damn tiring…

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Sisters are doing it for themselves, but they are most certainly not doing it by themselves


It’s hard to believe we’re only two months into the year. I already feel like I’ve learned more about myself than I have in any other year of my life. One of the biggest lessons has been that it is okay to ask for help and receive support.

I think back to just over a year ago. I felt so lonely. Not that I was alone, I had some of my favourite people in that part of the world. However anything I struggled with I felt it was mine to get through. If I asked for help and support I would be a burden. I would be putting my stuff on people who already had busy lives, and so much going on for themselves.

Fast forward to now.

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Turning can’t-do into can-do


It’s been a bit of a frustrating week. A fortnight ago, feeling almost better after my virus, I threw myself into everything full pelt. That wasn’t such a great idea.

After running round like a headless chicken I ran out of steam and had to flop. I’m now run down, but as we have now well and truly established I am not a fan of taking things easy. Hubby-to-be suggested that maybe I just needed to chill out for a bit. When I responded with “What do you mean?” he realised he’s going to spend the rest of his life of having to explain the concept of rest and relaxation over and over again!

I live by the saying ‘A change is as good as a rest’. Turns out that stopping doing one thing and moving onto something completely different does not equal chilling out. Who knew?!

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10 things I’m afraid to tell you


When the fabulous Jen Hamley asked if I’d like to join her and some other lovely ladies the 10 things I’m afraid to tell you challenge I jumped at the chance (I really do need to sort out the part of my brain that agrees to things before properly thinking them through!) We decided to all blog at the same time to give each other a bit of moral support.

What makes this so scary for me is that I’m already pretty open about everything in my life. In these pages I’ve talked about anxiety and depression, my funny tummy and that it took me 4 years to learn to run for 30 minutes. What could I possibly be afraid to tell you?

My brain must have been subconsciously mulling it over because one night when I REALLY should have been asleep it kept coming up with things to add to the list. And now I’m (not really) ready to share it with you…

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